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Northern Alberta’s Trusted Company for Excavation Services

C.I.D. Trenching, with over twenty years of experience in the excavating sector, is a reliable provider for excavation services in Northern Alberta. Our highly skilled and trained professionals are equipped with the latest machinery and tools to handle any excavation project, whether it be for residential, commercial, or oilfield excavating needs.


We understand the importance of safety in excavation work, which is why we are licensed and insured to carry out any excavation project safely and professionally. Our team takes all necessary precautions and measures to ensure that we operate safely, minimizing any potential hazards or risks on the job site.


At C.I.D. Trenching, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and needs. We then use our expertise and experience to carry out the excavation work with the highest accuracy and precision. We ensure that our clients are satisfied with the result and that their project is completed on time.


If you are looking for reliable and professional Detailed Excavation services in Northern Alberta, contact C.I.D. Trenching to book our services today.

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Our Range of Excavation Services

In addition to our expertise in Detailed Excavation, C.I.D. Trenching also offers a range of other excavating services, including:

  • Building Pads: We can prepare your construction site by excavating and levelling the area to create a solid, stable foundation for your building. This involves removing any unwanted soil or debris and compacting the soil to ensure it can support the weight of your structure.

  • Driveways, Approaches, and Culverts: Our team can excavate and repair your property's driveways, approaches, and culverts. Our team ensures that your driveway and approaches are properly designed to meet your needs. We also offer culvert installation service to help manage water flow and prevent erosion on your property.

  • Foundation Repairs and Waterproofing: At C.I.D. Trenching, we can help repair and waterproof your foundation to prevent water damage and ensure the stability of your building. Our team of professionals can identify the cause of foundation issues, such as cracks or settling, and determine the best action to fix the problem.

  • Basements: Our team can excavate and prepare basements to provide a solid foundation for your building. We utilize high-quality materials and modern equipment to ensure that your basement is built to the highest quality and durability standards.

C.I.D. Trenching has the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to handle any excavating project, from small residential jobs to large-scale commercial projects. Our team is committed to providing safe and efficient excavating services that meet the needs of our clients.

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Reliable Services

When you hire C.I.D. Trenching for your excavation project in Northern Alberta, you get peace of mind knowing that your project is in the hands of experienced folks. Our contractor will be present on the site to give you a consultation and will help you understand each process. We have over twenty years of experience and training in site preparation and are committed to providing you with only the best services available.


Whether you want to build a new house or plan to construct a new business facility, C.I.D. Trenching is here to support you.

An image showing a mini excavator digging up a narrow trench along the exterior foundation
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Trust the Professionals

You can rely on our team for proper and safe excavation on your construction site.

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